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Weight Loss | Arasys

We offer weight loss treatments here at Brentwood Medical Group & laser center.

About the Treatment

Arasys is a unique neuro-resonance device built in London University to treat Multiple Sclerosis and Muscle Atrophy. Arasys analogue waveform resonates the motor nerves signal of strenuous exercise normally emitted by the brain.

Arasys Perfector is a breakthrough in weight loss and non-surgical face and body lifting. This is an electronic treatment that will build muscle fast, help you to lose inches without exercising, shape your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Arasys Inch Loss & Body Shaping

Originally designed to treat Multiple Sclerosis, Arasys takes you straight to the fat-burning stage. It naturally increases your metabolic rate to initiate weight loss and is perfect for spot training to target trouble areas that cannot be conquered with standard exercise.

One session is equal to approximately 300 sit-ups or 400 buttock raises. A single session lasting 25 minutes will work 2-3 body parts and help you to lose between 2 to 8 inches instantly.

Choose all front or back muscle groups with the same setting for muscle building, inch loss, body toning (cellulite) or superficial toning (skin tightening).

Twelve treatments are recommended for long-lasting results.