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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is the most comprehensive measure to increase lymphatic function, boost the circulatory system and detoxify the ground regulation matrix of the body. Various types of massage have been used for centuries in ancient India, China and other Asian countries for more than 4,000 years to improve general well being, improve conditions associated with aging, relieve both psycho motor dysorders and stress related disease.

Why should you seek therapeutic massage in a medical environment as opposed to a spa?

Medical Clinics are required by law to meet OSHA regulations and maintain a high level of medical hygien. Spa are require to only pass board of health inspections and the regulation has much lower standards for cleanliness. There are numerous infectious diseases that are caused by cross contamination of surfaces, due to improper sanitary measures. As many as 10 viral and bacterial infections of the dermis, and epidermis caused by cross contamination during patient to patient contact with surfaces, this includes MRSA, staphaloccocus, streptococcus, and seven mycotic or fungal skin infection commonly treated by Medical Physicians.

Treatment in a medical facility has good benefits:

  • Most health plans now pay for Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Massage.
  • Medical Clinics are required to meet OSHA standards.
  • The patient always has a Medical Physician present to make an evalution in cases of trauma, acute pain and chronic conditions.
  • It is also necessary by law for a Physician to perform a patient evalution prior to billing medical insurance.

Brentwood Medical Group offers comprehensive physical therapy and therapeutic massage that is medically supervised. The follow types of therapy are offered:

Swedish Massage:

Swedish Massage is an integral part of Medical Therapeutics consisting of effleurage, petrasage and tepotment. Swedish massage was developed in Europe for use in medical clinics to treat poor circulation, stagnation of lymphatic fluids and to detoxify the ground regulation matrix of the body by increasing circulation of metabolic waste trapped in the tissues. Swedish Massage also helps to decrease cellulite over a period of time.

Neuromuscular Massage:

Neuromuscular Massage is an integral part of Medical Therapeutics consisting of effluerage, petrasage, kneeding, trigger point therapy and tepotment. Neuromuscular Massage is used to correct and balance muscular imbalance and treat direct muscular trauma that has caused adhesions of the myofacia.

Deep Tissue Therapy:

Deep Tissue Therapy has various origins so there are various techniques used by massage therapist. Deep Tissue Therapy is very invigorating causing greater blood flow and circulation within the muscle and stimulating the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage. The most popular is Shiatsu developed in Japan. Shiatsu releases trigger points in the various muscle groups and releases trapped metabolites in the muscles causing better muscular balance and fewer metabolites left in the tissues after strenuous exercise. Shiatsu or Trigger Point Therapy can be done with light, medium and hard pressures based on preferances of the patient. Shiatsu is one of the oldest forms of deep tissue. It is not recommended for all patients, because with any deep tissue therapy, based on the individual patient, there are various levels of trapped metabolites in the muscles that when released cause mild pain. It is recommended patients begin slowly and work into profoundly deep tissue therapy. It is common to have soarness in the tissues for up to fourty eight hours after a deep tissue treatment. This also must be supervised by a Physician, because chronic and acute pain may indicate an existing medical condition.

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