Clinical Skin Care

Our medical esthetics and skin care practice offers the most advanced technologies available for cosmetics treatments, as well as a variety of classic, traditional skin care treatments. Our mix of medical knowledge and appreciation for the aesthetic needs of the customer allows for the best of both worlds. Peruse our services in the sub-category listing below. And please consult with us at anytime for more assistance.


We offer an an alternative to surgery here at Brentwood Medical Group & Laser Center.

Restore healthy, natural, youthful radiance in as little as 15 minutes without the trauma of surgery, injections, or other invasive procedures. iEllios™ face lift:  Your reflection will have you convinced you've gone back in time!

Professional Facials

We offer a full line of traditional facials including Classic European, Multi-vitamin, Pumice Peel and Rejuvenating Mask. We also offer Microdermabrasion.

Botox® Cosmetic

Botox® Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical physician and nurse administrated treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people from 18 to 65 years of age. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ranked Botox® Cosmetic as the most popular physician-administered aesthetic procedure in the United States for the fourth year in a row (surgical and non-surgical combined). It is the only treatment of this type approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dermal Fillers

The dermal fillers, Juvederm™ and Radiesse™, are injectable gels made from hyaluronic acid that can be used in nonsurgical, physician-administered treatments. Hyaluronic acid, is a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps to hydrate and add volume. Hyaluronic acid may diminish with age, contributing to the formation of wrinkles and folds. The gels work to correct this by restoring hyaluronic acid in your skin.

Medical Skin Disorder Treatment

We utilize a number of specified tools, such as the Lam probe, to achieve the most successful result. These include telangiectasia, cholesterol deposits, ingrown hairs, skin tags, cysts, milia, spider naevi, clogged pores, fibromas, acne pimples and cherry anigiomas.