Brentwood Medical Group offers rehabilitative care for accident victims. We are able to accept all forms of insurance. Please consult with us at anytime for more assistance.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on improving muscle (soft tissue) flexibility and strength, joint biomechanics (movement), and proprioception (awareness of position), resulting in increased balance, coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and improving position. Physiotherapy reduces pain and dysfunction correcting postural and muscular imbalances, removing muscles spasms, trigger points, adhesions and fibrous tissue.

Osteopathic Medicine

After a thorough examination and diagnosis, treatment may include Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), medications, various types of injections and / or back surgery.

Naprapathic Medicine

Naprapathic Medicine is a system of healthcare that employs Manual Medicine, Nutritional Counseling and Therapeutic Modalities, specializing in the treatment of pain caused by Connective Tissue Disorders.